Floating Polimeropolis City

Floating ‘Polimeropolis’ city created by recycled plastic waste, offer a new sustainable ecosystem for living.

Polimeropolis by Estudio Focaccia Prieto, a cluster of floating cities, made of nets and vegetation, restricting the passage of micro plastics and purifies the water.

Floating Polimeropolis City (5)

Juan Manuel Prieto explains:

“This project is a call to action to rethink the way we produce, consume, and dispose of things, promoting a circular economy that seeks to close the loops of material flows and prioritize the reuse and recycling of resources.”

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“It is a proposal for a new paradigm of urbanization that seeks to reconcile the needs of the human species with the conservation and respect for the environment. It not only addresses the problems caused by the overproduction of garbage, but also creates a new ecosystem and way of life.”

Floating Polimeropolis City (4)

Floating Polimeropolis City (5)

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All images credit: Juan Manuel Prieto and Maxi Araya

Estudio Focaccia Prieto