Tetrahedron 'Flying pyramid' luxurious superyacht

The Tetrahedron is a futuristic pyramid-shaped superyacht concept, that looks like a spaceship

The Tetrahedron ‘Flying pyramid’ luxurious superyacht by Schwinge Yachts, ‘levitates’ over the sea thanks to a vertical torpedo-shaped hull, can reach a top speed of 45mph.

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The innovative concept vessel can travel smoothly through rough water, features a spacious sun decks.

The design is instigated by the re-thinking of the form, superstructure and propulsion of the modern super-yacht into a radically simple enclosure and an elevated mode of travel above the water line.

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The superstructure form is reduced to the absolute geometry of a Tetrahedron. A three-based pyramid consisting of 4 faces and 6 leading edges provides fundamental stability and enclosure. Its form produces a pure, precise, logical and mathematical ‘roof’ from which to connect to the hull assembly. Generally, simple forms are not known in ship and motor yacht construction through restrictions in ocean-going hull design.

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The Tetrahedron would have the appearance at high-speed of ‘levitating’ over the water: a boat that can fly. This is produced by a HYSWAS hull – A Hydrofoil Small Waterplane Area Ship – that is comprised of a single vertical strut onto a single submerged ‘torpedo’ hull. The vessel will lift out of the water at speed on side-mounted adjustable hydrofoils.

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source Schwinge Yachts