General Relativity is helping us map the Universe (1)

One hundred years after Einstein introduced general relativity, it remains the best theory of gravity, and now is helping us map the Universe.

Researchers by consistently passing high-precision tests in the solar system, have shown that precise modeling of the universe and its contents, will change the detailed understanding of the evolution of the universe.

As matter and energy press down on the fabric of spacetime, they change its geometry. This, according to Einstein, is what causes gravity.

U.S. and European teams each wrote computer codes, that will lead to the most accurate possible models of the universe. Will also provide new insights into gravity and its effects.

These codes are the first to use Einstein’s complete theory of general relativity, to account for the effects of the ‘clumping of matter in some regions and the dearth of matter in others.’

James Mertens, a physics PhD student at Case Western Reserve University, said:

“Both we and the other group examine the universe using the full theory of general relativity, and have therefore been able to create more accurate models of physical processes than have been done before.”

via sciencealert