Go paperless in seven steps

The average American cuts indirectly eight 40-foot trees for paper consumption per year. By reducing the amount of paper you consume, you can save money and preserve the environment. Here are some tips for a paperless lifestyle:

Image from the Wikimedia Commons

1. Paperless Bills – Ask you bank, your Credit card or cable provider to view your bills online.

2. Scan your documents – Scan the documents you’ve been keeping in an old file cabinet.

3. Download PDF Manuals – All gadgets have PDF versions of their manuals online.

4. Print to PDF – You can save more if you print it to PDF format.

5. Store PDFs in the Cloud – It is a good idea to store all your files online in cloud devices like Dropbox, Sky Drive and Google with 5GB free next week.

6. Use an electronic signature – No more need to print documents out just to sign them!

7. Start reeding eBooks.

Go paperless today!

via cnet