Aerion Corporation's AS2 (3)

The sonic boom, the sound produced when an aircraft breaks the sound barrier, is the main problem for the manufactures.

Aerion Corporation‘s AS2, is a supersonic business jet that can overcome the above problem, with its innovative design.

Going Supersonic without a Boom 4

With an AS2 you can travel in new and more productive way, to more places in less time.

Top speed (Mmo) of the AS2 is Mach 1.5. Rapid transatlantic dashes and other long range routes can be accomplished at this speed, which is 67 percent faster than the top cruise speeds of current or anticipated long-range subsonic jets.

Aerion Corporation's AS2 (2)

Long-range cruise is Mach 1.4. Aerion supersonic routes are calculated at this speed. At Mach 1.4, travelers save three hours across the Atlantic and six hours or more across long Pacific routes.

Aerion Corporation's AS2 (1)

Boomless cruise(sm) flight is feasible at speeds up to Mach 1.2, depending on atmospheric conditions, principally temperature and wind. At these speeds, the shock waves that cause a sonic boom would, essentially, dissipate before reaching the ground. This “Mach cut-off” cruise results from the normal physics of sonic boom propagation. “Mach cut-off” refers to the maximum speed that can be maintained without producing a boom on the ground. Aerion expects to conduct a flight demonstration program post certification to gain regulatory approval for flight at Mach cut-off speeds.

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