Goodyear concept BH03 tire

Goodyear unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show its BH03 concept tire, which will generate electricity to charge your electric car.   Take a look at the video…

The Goodyear BH03 concept tire will collect the heat it builds up while driving, and will converts it to electricity.

Goodyear concept BH03 tire 2

The concept – named “BHO3” – offers the possibility of charging the batteries of electric cars by transforming the heat generated by the rolling tire into electrical energy. The second concept – named “Triple Tube” – contains three tubes that adjust tire inflation pressure in response to changing road conditions, delivering new levels of performance and versatility.

Joe Zekoski, Goodyear’s senior vice president and chief technical officer, said:

“These concept tires reimagine the role that tires may play in the future. We envision a future in which our products become more integrated with the vehicle and the consumer, more environmentally friendly and more versatile.”

Goodyear concept BH03 tire 3


source Goodyear