Graphene membrane turns Seawater into Drinking Water

Scientists have developed a graphene-based membrane that can filter out very small salt ions to purify water.

Rahul Nair and his team from the University of Manchester in the UK, has shown that the graphene membrane can efficiently filter out salts.

Above, graphene membrane.  Credit University of Manchester

Now he will start testing this against existing desalination membranes.

Rahul Nair, explains:

“Realisation of scalable membranes with uniform pore size down to atomic scale is a significant step forward and will open new possibilities for improving the efficiency of desalination technology.

This is the first clear-cut experiment in this regime. We also demonstrate that there are realistic possibilities to scale up the described approach and mass produce graphene-based membranes with required sieve sizes.”

via newatlas

Published in Nature Nanotechnology