Extraterrestrial origin of Fast Radio Burst confirmed

In this artist’s impression three bright red flashes depicting Fast Radio Bursts, far beyond the Milky Way, above the Mongolo radio telescope in Australia.

Fast Radio Bursts, like these that appearing in the constellations Puppis and Hydra, present one of modern astronomy’s greatest mysteries

What or who in the Universe is transmitting short bursts of radio energy across the cosmos?

Above, image credit James Josephides/Mike Dalley.

The most bizarre hypothesis about the FRBs came by Harvard scientists, is that the FRBs could actually be alien signals.

Lead researcher Manisha Caleb, said:

“Figuring out where the bursts come from is the key to understanding what makes them. Only one burst has been linked to a specific galaxy. We expect Molonglo will do this for many more bursts.”

From their study over at arXiv:

“We present the first interferometric detections of Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs), an enig-
matic new class of astrophysical transient. In a 180-day survey of the Southern sky we
discovered 3 FRBs at 843 MHz with the UTMOST array, as part of commissioning
science during a major ongoing upgrade. The wide field of view of UTMOST (≈ 9
deg2) is well suited to FRB searches.”

Extraterrestrial origin of Fast Radio Burst

Gemini composite image of the field around FRB 121102, the only repeating FRB discovered so far. Credit Gemini Observatory/AURA/NSF/NRC.

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