Green Hive Tire (5)

This new type of all-in-one tire wheel, is divited into two parts, the sidewall/cover and the inner block.

Green Hive Tire by Seung-il Choi, Tae-nyun Kim, Hyo-joong, can be used semipermanently by continuously refilling the tread part which is related to life span of tire.

Green Hive Tire (4)

As a tire tread, it maximizes intensity and stability through sturdiness of hexagon structure and outstanding shock absorbing ability.

Green Hive Tire (3)

– Replaceable tread compound It applies TPE(Thermoplastic elastomer) which has changeability of formation of plastic in high temperature and elastic of rubber in room temperature at the same time.
-Wheel body of all-in-one tire Body of the product is composed of sidewall and all-in-one wheel.
-Heat internal steel mold Internal metal material mold heats the inserted tread compound and make it flexible. After that, it increases air pressure, so it generates a hexagon tread block to outside of the wheel.

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