Haas VF-24 Formula One 2024 car

Haas reveals its VF-24 Formula One 2024 car which features a new chassis and revised bodywork.

Haas’ latest F1 car is an improved version of the upgraded car they used last year. It features sleeker side pods, a new chassis with repositioned radiator components, and a revised impact protection bar. These updates bring the car in line with the improvements made by McLaren and other teams last year.

Ayao Komatsu, the new team principal said about the VF-24:

“We’re realistic about our expectations for the VF-24 to start, but it’s still an exciting moment in any Formula 1 season to showcase the car. There’s a lot of work ahead of us to make progress and increase our performance, but everyone here is highly motivated and eager to get on track with the VF-24. I know we’ll be maximizing our time in Bahrain with all the various items we need to push through. Bottom line, we can’t wait to get going and get the season underway.”

Haas VF-24 Formula One 2024 car (2)

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