Hermeus Hypersonic Aircraft could be the Next Air Force OneHermeus

Hermeus hypersonic aircraft could be potentially the next Air Force One.

Hermeus is a tech company in aerospace and defense, creating super-fast planes using smart technology and efficient methods. Their hypersonic planes can fly at 5 times the speed of sound. Imagine getting from New York to Paris in just 90 minutes instead of the usual 7.5 hours!

They’re all about making hypersonic travel fast and affordable by blending advanced hardware, smart tech, and autonomy.

Beyond their big plan for super-fast passenger flights with Halcyon, Hermeus is also working on a pilotless hypersonic craft called Darkhorse, designed to give military forces an edge. They’re also crafting a smaller, speedy plane named Quarterhorse for commercial testing purposes.

Hermeus Hypersonic Aircraft could be the Next Air Force OneHermeus

Brig. Gen. Jason Lindsey, the Program Executive Officer for Presidential & Executive Airlift, said:

“One of our goals in supporting companies like Hermeus, is to expand the Defense Industrial Base for both aircraft manufacture, and hypersonic propulsion development. Ultimately we want to have options within the commercial aircraft marketplace for platforms that can be modified for enduring Air Force missions such as senior leader transport, as well as mobility, ISR, and possibly other mission sets.”

source Hermeus