HoloBike Training Bike with HologramsHoloBike

HoloBike training bike with holograms elevates your fitness to another level.

Experience breathtaking trail rides in life-like 3D with HoloBike, a holographic training bike.

HoloBike Training Bike with Holograms (4)HoloBike

With HoloBike, getting to the world’s most epic rides is as simple as stepping on a bike. Advanced hologram technology enhances your focus and endurance without the need for VR headsets or AR eyewear.

HoloBike Training Bike with Holograms (5)HoloBike


HoloBike’s panoramic light-field display envelops your senses, making you feel like you’re on the trail.

HoloBike Training Bike with Holograms (1)HoloBike

The stereoscopic viewport mimics human perception of moving through 3D space, a phenomenon called optic flow. This makes indoor training invigorating and offers mood-boosting benefits similar to outdoor rides.

HoloBike Training Bike with Holograms (3)HoloBike


A 4K LCD screen overlaid with microlenses creates a crystal-clear portal to vivid 3D landscapes, turning your indoor workouts into stunning adventures.

HoloBike Training Bike with Holograms (2)HoloBike

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