the super giant star Polaris in place of the Sun

How it would look if the Sun was replaced with other Stars? Watch in the video the view from Earth if Polaris, Sirius and the twin stars of Alpha Centauri replaced our sun…

Above: the super giant star Polaris in place of the Sun.  Credit TV Roskosmos.

Arcturus in place of the Sun

Arcturus of the constellation Boötes is the brightest star in the northern celestial hemisphere. With a visual magnitude of −0.04, it is the fourth brightest star in the night sky, after −1.46 magnitude Sirius, −0.86 magnitude Canopus, and −0.27 magnitude Alpha Centauri. It is a relatively close star at only 36.7 light-years from Earth, and, together with Vega and Sirius, one of the most luminous stars in the Sun’s neighborhood.

Replacing the moon with the planets of our Solar system:

source Roscosmos TV