Virtual Reality Display

The HP Zvr Virtual Reality Display will change how users think, work, and create with virtual-holographic 3D images.

HP announced the upcoming release of the Zvr Virtual Reality Display, with technology to create “virtual holographic 3D images” that you can manipulate with a pen.

HP Virtual Reality Display

Now you can manipulate 3D models and projects with your computer, spinning, rotating, and opening them with ease.

The HP Zvr display is a 120Hz TN panel with passive circular polarized glasses and 1920×108 resolution.
Users will appreciate real-time, natural interaction that allows people to work with virtual reality applications the way they are used to working today. Users interact seamlessly with a high-definition 3D stereoscopic display combined with full-motion parallax and direct interaction, delivering an intuitive user experience with lifelike realism.
Virtual Reality Display  2
source HP