Hyperloop TT Upcoming Track

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies unveiled at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, their upcoming first track.

On the Hyperloop TT, passengers and goods will travel in pressurized capsules floating on a frictionless magnetic cushion within the tubes.

Capsules are powered by a linear induction motor, an electromagnetic propulsion, and embedded rechargeable batteries. As a result, the system is silent and emission-free.

Our capsules are engineered and designed to create a safe and harmonious environment for the passengers, with customized interior for use-based experiences. Each capsule is 30 meters in length and can carry 28 to 40 passengers. Our system is designed for capsule departures every forty seconds and a maximum speed of 1,223 km/h. Our system is capable of moving 164,000 passengers a day on one line at full efficiency.

HyperloopTT’s technology breakthrough is a next generation passive magnetic levitation system. It’s called Inductrack. Magnets arranged in a Halbach array configuration enable passive levitation over an unpowered but conductive track.

source Hyperloop TT