Antipode Hypersonic Jet concept

Antipode hypersonic jet concept will fly from New York to London in just 11 minutes.

Antipode, a new hypersonic jet concept designed to fly at 16,000 mph, unveiled by Canadian industrial designer Charles Bombardier.

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The designer created first the hypersonic aircraft concept named the Skreemr, and had to overcome the sonic boom noise generated over land and the great amount of heat that would build up on its nose and wings.

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“Shortly after the Skreemr appeared in news articles, I was contacted by Joseph Hazeltine of Wyle Inc. He proposed using a novel aerodynamic phenomenon called long penetration mode (LPM) to address these two problems,” Bombardier said.

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Unlike the Skreemr, the Antipode would be able to take off directly from any airfield by using reusable rocket boosters. These rockets would attach to the wings of the Antipode and provide enough thrust to lift off, climb to 40,000 feet, and reach Mach 5.

The acceleration boosters would then separate from the Antipode and fly back to the airbase like Blue Origin’s boosters. At Mach 5, the aircraft’s onboard computer would ignite its supersonic combustion ramjet engine and accelerate up to Mach 24 at 40,000 feet.

The Antipod would channel some of the air, flowing at supersonic speed, through a nozzle located on the nose of the aircraft. This counterflowing jet of air would induce a phenomenon called ‘LPM’ or long penetration mode.

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