JA1 Pulse the Fastest eVTOL

The JA1 Pulse, the fastest eVTOL aircraft for emergency response, unveiled details about the design and its specs.

The Jump Aero’s JA1 Pulse, the fastest eVTOL (electric vertical takeoff and landing) aircraft, announced details about its mission, to enable first responders to fly to the scene of an emergency as fast as possible.

By bringing to market the fastest electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft for first responders, Jump Aero will cut rural emergency response time in half – helping save thousands of lives each year.

JA1 Pulse the Fastest eVTOL

• Biplane standing tail-sitter with high L/D and low frontal area

• Large belly window facilitates steep approaches to unimproved landing zones

• Full envelope protection

• Simplified flight controls

• No catastrophic single point failures

• Propellers above head height for operational safety

• Adaptive/ML flight controller in run-time-assurance architecture

• Ballistic airframe parachute

• Transportable without disassembly on flatbed trailer

• Easy to maintain: no articulating motors/retractable landing gear

JA1 Pulse the Fastest eVTOL for Emergency Response 3

Images credit Jump Aero