James Webb Space Telescope has now half its Mirrors

James Webb Space Telescope, with the 9th of 18 mirrors installed last week, is getting closer to searching for alien life out of our solar system.

NASA technicians have just installed the 9th of 18 primary flight mirrors, with the help of a robotic arm, onto the mirror holding backplane structure at the Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland.

Top image: 9 of 18 mirror segments on James Webb Telescope  Credit: NASA/Chris Gunn

James Webb Space Telescope will become the most powerful telescope ever sent to space.

James Webb Space Telescope will become the most powerful telescope in space

Sandra Irish, JWST lead structural engineer during a recent interview with Universe Today at the NASA Goddard clean room facility, said:

“This fall we started installing every mirror.”

Dr. John Mather, NASA’s Nobel Prize Winning scientist, in a recent exclusive interview with Universe Today at NASA Goddard, said:

“We are in good shape with the James Webb Space Telescope.”

Watch NASA Live built the Webb Telescope at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center!

James Webb Space Telescope with six Mirrors

A view of six installed James Webb Space Telescope mirror segments on the James Webb Space Telescope, which is currently being assembled at NASA Goddard.   Credit: NASA/Chris Gunn