La Petit Terrasse superyacht

A designer created ‘La Petit Terrasse’ superyacht, a concept of what would a series of floating terraces look like.

The 45 meters La Petit Terrasse by Lujac Desautel inspired from le Corbusier’s perspective drawings, re-images the traditional way of building a boat.

La Petit Terrasse (6)

In this futuristic design, each level has a unique shape, resulting layering of spaces between living indoors and outdoors.

La Petit Terrasse (4)

According to Desautel:

“To create space on water is not just to make something that goes from point a to b. A space should already be the destination, a place that is no different from a home on land. A place to offer freedom, time, independence, community, silence and to host the most beautiful and authentic experiences of one’s life.”

La Petit Terrasse (3)

La Petit Terrasse (2)

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source Lujac Desautel