LEO Coupe Flying car

LEO Coupe flying car, a 250-mph urban hypercar for the skies.

The LEO Coupe is the brainchild of two passionate creators who desired to build an aircraft unlike the airplane or helicopter,  by award-winning designer Carlos Salaff of SALAFF Automotive and featuring a revolutionary, proven electric propulsion system created by Pete Bitar of Electric Jet Aircraft.

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Placed alongside current eVTOL aircraft, LEO Coupe’s compact size of 10′ x 20′ is immediately apparent. LEO’s size enables it to be privately owned, used as an air taxi and as a vehicle in any place where space is limited and ground infrastructure is underdeveloped or nonexistent.

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LEO Coupe’s fully electric propulsion system is comprised of clusters of powerful electric jets, allowing safety through redundancy. Shrouded within LEO’s wings are non-exposed rotors, eliminating danger to those around the vehicle. LEO’s safety is bolstered by a proven, DARPA-funded propulsion system by Electric Jet Aircraft.

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LEO’s floating pilot’s seat enhances the exhilaration of flight and our easy-to-learn semi-autonomous controls make flight simple. Until fully-autonomous tech is mature, we believe there’s nothing like a human pilot onboard for added safety and security.

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LEO’s compact form makes it ideal for fire rescue, medevac, Coast Guard, tourism, exploration and most any terrain without developed road infrastructure.

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