Light Phone III (6)

The Light Phone III is made to simplify going light.

If you’re dreaming of a digital detox, the Light Phone III can help improve your life.

This unlocked phone lets you decide how to integrate it into your daily routine. Many users make it their main phone, often with a more affordable service plan.

Light Phone III (5)

Some switch their existing SIM between phones, while others opt for a separate number for each phone.

Light Phone III (4)

“We future-proofed this phone so that we can provide meaningful software updates without asking you to upgrade to a new product. The Light Phone III adds a metal frame, USB-C, fingerprint ID, a flashlight, 5G, an NFC chip, and a clickable wheel.”

Light Phone III (3)

“We’ve also added a camera, but… in our own way. Taking inspiration from our favorite point-and-shoot film cameras, it has a dedicated two-step shutter button, with center focus and a fixed focal length.”

Light Phone III (2)

Light Phone III (1)

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