Sloan Digital Sky Survey

Stephen Hawking‘s alien-hunting project will look into bizarre light signals from 234 stars.

Astronomers analysing the light from 234 stars, they believe shows signs of alien life.
Above, astronomers led by Professor Ermanno Borra from Laval University in Quebec, studied signals detected by the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, an eight-foot (2.5 metre) diameter telescope in Sunspot, New Mexico.   Credit Sloan Digital Sky Survey

SETI Research Centre announced in a statement:

“The one in 10,000 objects with unusual spectra seen by Borra and Trottier are certainly worthy of additional study.

We find that the detected signals have exactly the shape of an ETI (Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) signal predicted in the previous publication and are therefore in agreement with this hypothesis.”

From the Journal reference

A Fourier transform analysis of 2.5 million spectra in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey was carried
out to detect periodic spectral modulations. Signals having the same period were found in only
234 stars overwhelmingly in the F2 to K1 spectral range. The signals cannot be caused by
instrumental or data analysis effects because they are present in only a very small fraction of
stars within a narrow spectral range and because signal to noise ratio considerations predict
that the signal should mostly be detected in the brightest objects, while this is not the case. We
consider several possibilities, such as rotational transitions in molecules, rapid pulsations,
Fourier transform of spectral lines and signals generated by Extraterrestrial Intelligence (ETI).

 Sloan Digital Sky Survey

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