Meta and Ray-Ban AI glassesRay-Ban

Meta and Ray-Ban have upgraded their AI glasses to offer even more features.

Now, the Meta and Ray-Ban smart glasses can tell you the history of landmarks, share stories about objects, and provide scientific explanations. Mark Zuckerberg showcased these updates on Instagram, taking the Meta AI glasses on a trip to Montana.

Meta and Ray-Ban AI glasses (6)Ray-Ban

As Mark walks around, the glasses record his journey and he asks them questions about the Roosevelt Arch, how snow forms, and if horses feel cold in snowy weather. The glasses feature an ultra-wide 12 MP camera and a five-microphone system, allowing users to capture their surroundings in high-quality photos and videos, and even livestream to Facebook and Instagram.

Meta and Ray-Ban AI glasses (4)Ray-Ban

With discreet, open-ear speakers delivering rich sound, users can enjoy their favorite music and take calls while staying connected to their environment. Improved directional audio ensures privacy, and users can control the glasses with voice commands like “Hey Meta” or through the touchpad and capture button.

Meta and Ray-Ban AI glasses (2)Ray-Ban

The glasses offer up to four hours of battery life and come with a portable charging case for on-the-go power. The companion app enhances the user experience by allowing multiple glasses to be paired to one phone, providing easy management and access to special effects for content sharing.

Meta and Ray-Ban AI glasses (5)Ray-Ban

Meta and Ray-Ban AI glasses (3)Ray-Ban

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