Midnight eVTOL Aircraft Completes Transition Flight

Archer‘s Midnight eVTOL aircraft completes transition flight, reaching speeds over 100 MPH.

This involved taking off vertically, accelerating to transition from thrust-borne to wing-borne flight, cruising, and then landing vertically.

Key highlights from this milestone:

-Weighing around 6,500 lbs, Midnight is one of the largest eVTOL aircraft to achieve the transition, essential for carrying commercially viable passenger loads.
-Archer has now reached this challenging milestone with two different full-scale eVTOL aircraft, a feat few companies have accomplished.
-Midnight’s flight test program will continue, including simulated commercial routes to show operational readiness, high-rate flight operations, testing additional maneuvers for commercial use, and expanding its speed and endurance capabilities.

Midnight eVTOL Aircraft Completes Transition Flight


source Archer Aviation