Mind-Reading AI turns Thoughts into text

Researchers have developed an AI system that can record silent thoughts and turn them into text.

In a world-first, researchers from the GrapheneX-UTS Human-centric Artificial Intelligence Centre at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) have developed a portable, non-invasive system that can decode silent thoughts and turn them into text.

The technology can help people who can’t speak due to illness or injury, like stroke or paralysis. It also allows smooth communication between humans and machines, like controlling a bionic arm or robot.

The research, led by Distinguished Professor CT Lin and his team, has been highlighted at the NeurIPS conference, a top-notch event for cutting-edge AI and machine learning research held in New Orleans annually.

In the study, participants silently read text passages while wearing a cap that recorded their brain activity using an electroencephalogram (EEG).

Distinguished Professor Lin, said:

“This research represents a pioneering effort in translating raw EEG waves directly into language, marking a significant breakthrough in the field.

It is the first to incorporate discrete encoding techniques in the brain-to-text translation process, introducing an innovative approach to neural decoding. The integration with large language models is also opening new frontiers in neuroscience and AI.”

source University of Technology Sydney