MiniBrew- Smartest Brewing Machine

The MiniBrew is personal machine that makes brewing beer, simple as brewing coffee.

MiniBrew is a small batch beer brewing machine, that simplifies the beer brewing including fermentation process, allowing anyone to create and experiment with their own recipes right at home.

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With MiniBrew, now at indiegogo, available to everyone.

We’ve put the brewing, cooling and fermentation process in a single machine. MiniBrew is the first system in the home brewing industry that has been able to successfully combine and automate these processes.

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Sensor technology and smart software assures brewing and cooling in just 3.5 hours. After a controlled fermentation process that can takes as little as a week (based on your beer style), you will be rewarded with 5 Liters / 1.3 Gallon of top notch beer.

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Brew volume : 5 Literes or 1.3 Gallons
Efficiency : 72%-84% (Craft industry standard 72%)
Dimensions : 28cm x 55 cm x 43cm
Weight : 8 kg
Frame : Light weight aluminum
WiFi : IO5 – Own Wi-Fi station in your MiniBrew
Energy Level A : 15 Watt

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