The Modular GTzero

The futuristic Modular GTzero, is the Italian green modular Gran Turismo with zero emissions.

The Modular GTzero unveiled at the Geneva International Motor Show by Italdesign, is based on a modular monocoque carbon frame, with a green powertrain. Its sporty and elegant lines are an homage to the great Italian tradition for sportscars, with a look into the future.

The Modular GTzero (7)

The concept car, with its modular passenger compartment to accommodate an all-electric or hybrid system, allows for several different interior layouts and drive systems.

The Modular GTzero (6)

Filippo Perini, Head of Design at Italdesign, explains:

“Nowadays concern for the environment and new technologies allow us to design clean and performing cars. However, the car’s aesthetic personality will be preserved: irrespective of the type of fuel system, the various types of car will not disappear, and sports cars will continue to exert a particular appeal. GTZero is our vision for a classic, the Gran Turismo, which looks to the tradition of Italian body designers, but is brought up to date with tomorrow’s technologies and needs. With zero emission, therefore GTZero.”

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source Italdesign