Mysterious Dome on Mars

Mysterious dome on Mars appears on a photograph taken by the NASA Opportunity Rover.

In NASA’s photo it appears to be a dome, or a part of dome-structure, on the Martian surface. What is it made of? Is it real? Why the rover does not go for a closer observation?

Above image credit NASA

According to conspiracy theorists, there are domes on the red planet, which means that there is, or was, something on Mars.

Described as a ‘man-made dome’ they say was left behind by aliens during Mars’ watery past.

“The existence of domes on Mars proves that someone or something built them in the past,” wrote conspiracy website, the Unsilent Majority.

Mysterious Dome on Mars

The original NASA image

Ιt is very difficult to say what the rover photographed. Ιt could be some sort of natural strange rock formation, or… we looking at an alien structure on Mars.

via dailymail