about Drones

Take a look at this interesting infographic showing 20 ways how drones will shape our life and the future of various industries.

Drones are all the buzz at the present being quite ubiquitous in many locations. A drone basically refers to a flying robot that is technically referred to as a UAV, unmanned aerial vehicle. It is usually controlled remotely or you could choose to program it to follow certain flight plans. They have simplified the way tasks are handled and you can now undertake tasks which seemed difficult, expensive, quite dangerous, access remote areas and fly at high speed using them.

The drone technology presents a world of endless possibilities as they could be designed to have computer vision, facilitate face and object recognition besides providing an efficient tracking technology. These common robotics pose a possible combination of networking, robotics and artificial intelligence, AI. They are versatile enough to adapt to a given environment and they could trace a given subject through an area.

All you need to Know about Drones

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