New BMW 7 series

This is the new BMW 7 series 2016, a model that combines the leading in cars technology, with the ultimate luxury.

Images credit BMW

“With the BMW 7 Series we are creating tomorrow’s luxury today. Thanks to game-changing innovations, benchmarking comfort and contemporary design as well as dynamics that are both impressive and highly efficient.”

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From the press release:

The All-New BMW 7 Series:

• Groundbreaking Carbon Core passenger cell
• World’s first Gesture Control
• Active Kidney Grille and Air Breather
• Now offering the optional 7 inch Touch Command Tablet
• The All- New Display Key as a standalone option
• Offering standard Wireless Charging and WiFi Hotspot
• The new iDrive 5.0 with touch screen technology
• Panoramic Sky Lounge LED roof, Ambiance Lighting, LED Light Carpet
• Largest HUD in the industry
• Class leading performance and luxury

Today, BMW unveiled the all-new BMW 7 Series, the brand’s flagship in its sixth generation. The 2016 BMW 7 Series sets a new benchmark in lightweight design, driving dynamics, comfort, intelligent connectivity and intuitive operation. The extensive use of carbon-fiber- reinforced plastic (CFRP) in the structure of the passenger cell and the strategic application of lightweight design reduce weight and increase both the overall torsion strength and bending stiffness of the passenger cell. The all-new BMW 7 Series will be introduced in the US as a 740i and a 750i xDrive model featuring BMWs newest and groundbreaking technologies such as Gesture Control, Wireless Charging and the standalone option of the Display Key. An Active Kidney Grille will also be available for the first time in the US. The all- new BMW 7 Series once again sets the standard for luxury performance, delivering the highest level of driving refinement in the premium class. The 2016 BMW 7 Series will arrive in the US showrooms in the fall of 2015. The MSRP for the BMW 740i will be $81,300 and the BMW 750i xDrive will be $97,400 (prices do not include Destination and Handling).

BMW’s flagship vehicle reflects the company’s dedication to pioneer with the development of groundbreaking technology while upholding the 7 Series precedent of comfort and driving dynamics. First introduced to the U.S. market in 1978, the new BMW 7 Series will be in its sixth generation. Many features and technologies developed by BMW, introduced in previous generations of the 7 Series, set the precedent for the future. Pace-Setting Technologies such as Antilock Braking System (ABS) first appeared in the 1978 model which also was the world’s first production car to feature an electronic engine management computer (Digital Motor Electronics – DME). Illustrating segment leadership, an on-board computer (OBC) and Electronic Cruise Control set the standard for luxurious long-distance travel. The second generation, incorporated groundbreaking technologies such as Automatic Stability Control, adaptive transmission control, anti-tapping windows with express up and down on all four door windows and moonroof in addition to the world’s first use of integrated body electronics with advanced diagnostic capabilities and Xenon Headlights (750iL). Technologies such as Dynamic Stability Control, Head Protection System and on-board Navigation System with moving map, CAN Bus technology for body electronics (5 integrated control units) and the revolutionary side-impact Interlocking Door Anchoring System defined the third generation. For the first time in the US the V8 featured VALVETRONIC variable valve lift technology. In its fourth generation, BMW introduced Active Roll Stabilization (ARS) on a sedan, MOST Bus technology for body electrical with 70+ control units on common busses and infinitely variable intake manifold. For the first time, the world also benefitted from adaptive brake lights and electromechanical parking brake and electronic adaptive headlights. BMW continued with the introduction of pace- setting technologies in its fifth generation 7 Series which hit the U.S. market in 2009. Night Vision 2 with Pedestrian Detection, Integral Active Steering, Adaptive Headlights with Dynamic Headlamp Control system with sensors measuring speed, steering angle and yaw as well as “reverse flow” cylinder heads to facilitate better packaging and minimize turbo lag defined this generation. The BMW core principle of safe transportation was assured with features such as Blind Spot Detection and Lane Departure Warning system. Active Cruise Control with frontal Collision Warning System, Dynamic Damping Control and Driving Dynamic Control assured the 7 Series reputation of safe and efficient long-distance comfort.