New H2-Powered cargo barge Holland Shipyard Group

New H2-powered cargo barge powered by green hydrogen will transport goods without emitting any pollutants along the Rhine.

Future Proof Shipping (FPS), along with the EU-funded Flagships project and the Interreg-funded ZEM Ports NS project, has introduced the revolutionary hydrogen-powered H2 Barge 2, connecting Rotterdam (NL) and Duisburg (DE).

The H2 Barge 2 marks a significant milestone as the first of two demonstrators in the Flagships project and the second demonstrator in the ZEM Ports NS project.

In 2023, extensive modifications were made to the H2 Barge 2 at Holland Shipyards Group (HSG) in Werkendam. All combustion engines and fossil fuel tanks were removed, and a new emission-free propulsion system was installed below deck. This system includes PEM fuel cells, hydrogen storage, battery packs, and an electric drive train. With six fuel cells supplied by Ballard Power Systems, the vessel now boasts a total installed power of 1.2 MW.

CEO of Future Proof Shipping, Richard Klatten, said:

“This is another proud moment for us, it proves moving cargo with zero emissions and zero impact is not only possible, it’s scalable too. Successfully launching our second hydrogen-powered inland cargo vessel is just as important an achievement as the first, not just for Future Proof Shipping, ZEM Ports NS, and the Flagships project, but for the future of green shipping. This vessel now sets the standard for inland shipping and beyond.”

source Future Proof Shipping