New super Batteries could be charged in seconds 1

Scientists created a new material could be used to create new efficient super batteries, with in seconds charging.

Researchers at the University of Surrey developed new supercapacitors 1,000 to 10,000 times more powerful than today’s batteries.

The new technology could revolutionize electric cars, allowing them to be recharged in minutes.

Dr Brendan Howlin of the University of Surrey, explained:

“There is a global search for new energy storage technology and this new ultra capacity super-capacitor has the potential to open the door to unimaginably exciting developments.

Research co-leader Dr Ian Hamerton, of the University of Bristol, added:

“While this research has potentially opened the route to very high density super-capacitors, these polymers have many other possible uses in which tough, flexible conducting materials are desirable, including bioelectronics, sensors, wearable electronics, and advanced optics.”

via inhabitat