Nikola Zero UTV

The Nikola Zero UTV (utility task vehicle) has more energy capacity than a Tesla and the torque of a tank.

The prototype 107 kWh Nikola Zero UTV recently completed a series of exercises with the Marines at Camp Pendleton in California.

The Zero UTV towed over 4,000 lbs, fit onboard the Marines’ helicopter transport, climbed a 45% grade with four passengers, towed a 120mm mortar, performed a full stop and start on a 35% grade and ran through a series of tests.

Nikola Zero UTV (3)

In testing, the batteries only showed a three-degree increase in heating during testing, a validation of Nikola’s proprietary thermal management system.
A ride and drive program for the Nikola Zero UTV is slated for first quarter of 2018. The company plans to have 25 Nikola Zeros on site for the program.

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Trevor Milton, Nikola Motors CEO, said:

“By April 2018, Nikola will have a production intent sit down personal watercra (PWC) that we believe will outperform the top internal combustion versions on the water and provide up to a five-hour ride time with zero emissions and far less noise.
Nikola Powersport customers can spend the entire day at the lake without polluting the water, while having the ultimate fun. By using the Nikola Zero UTV technology, we have shaved years o the development program for this new PWC and will allow it to fast charge in as little as 30 minutes.”

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source Nikola Powersports