Orange cubeParis-based jakob + macfarlane architects (Dominique Jakob, Brendan Macfarlane) has sent us images of ‘orange cube’, their soon-to-be-complete commercial and cultural complex in Lyon, France.

Orange cube2
Designed as a part of an urban planning project to replenish the docks of Lyon, the five-storey orthogonal cube plays off the fluid movement of the river saône, exploring the effects of subtraction and voids on the quality and generation of space.

Orange cube3

The external skin is a light facade, punctured with a pixilated pattern that resembles trailing droplets, a reference to the adjacent river’s flow. This porous envelope allows sightlines and natural daylighting while establishing a distinct identity for the building.

Orange cube4

Orange cube5

Orange cube6

Orange cube7

Orange cube8

via designboom