Overair Butterfly-Shaped eVTOL

Overair Butterfly-shaped eVTOL electric air-taxi full-scale prototype is complete and ready for flying tests.

Butterfly isn’t just another flying vehicle, it’s a symbol of cutting-edge tech and transportation for everyone. Butterfly is quieter than any other aircraft in its class, with noise levels under 55 decibels.

Overair Butterfly-Shaped eVTOL


Inside the roomy cabin, there’s space for a pilot, five passengers, and their belongings. The flexible cabin design means Butterfly can be used for different purposes like charters, medical transport, and carrying cargo.

Overair Butterfly-Shaped eVTOL

Overair’s proven VTOL technologies drive Butterfly’s unique performance capabilities:

20+ ft propellers are twice as large as any eVTOLs, with the potential for scaling into a larger aircraft
200% excess power margins through low disk loading, electric engine sizing, and battery systems sizing
Best-in-class maneuverability and stability, especially in off-nominal conditions like wind or rain
Enhanced by FBW envelope-protection
Ability to hover with only 2 of 4 propellers and quad-redundant architecture on key systems

Overair Butterfly-Shaped eVTOL

The versatile aerial mobility platform is capable of a wide range of use cases and applications:

Commuter: Efficient cabin designed for high–tempo operations

Leisure: High comfort configuration for a premium experience

Medical Transport: Critical patient transport and organ transfer

Cargo: Designed for middle-mile logistics with high cargo volumetric efficiency

Military: Highly customizable for tactical or logistic missions

Overair Butterfly Shaped eVTOL 4

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