'Overflow' Noise Prediction Tool

NASA is developing a Noise Prediction Tool supporting users in the Air Taxi Industry.

Multiple air taxi companies are utilizing a sophisticated computer tool developed by NASA to forecast aircraft noise and aerodynamic efficiency.

This tool enables manufacturers involved in NASA’s Advanced Air Mobility mission to assess early in the aircraft development phase how design components like propellers or wings will function.

'Overflow' Noise Prediction Tool (3)

Known as ‘Overflow,’ this NASA Noise Prediction Tool conducts calculations to anticipate air flows and the resultant pressures, forces, moments, and power requirements exerted on the aircraft.

Since these fluid dynamics significantly influence aircraft noise levels, enhanced predictions aid engineers in crafting quieter aircraft models.

'Overflow' Noise Prediction Tool (2)

These analyses are represented using a spectrum of colors to signify different behaviors.

'Overflow' Noise Prediction Tool (1)

Images credit NASA

source NASA