OXY2050 Poluted air purification system

The OXY2050 inspired by diatoms, was designed as a urban air cleaner to purify huge amount of polluted street air.

OXY2050 designed by Murat Gedik, receive significant volumes of street air, and safely treat the air with chemical solutions containing potassium hydroxide, activated carbon, calcium hydroxide, and water inside and release the purified air through their sprayers.

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Controlling by remote controllers, the OXY2050 floats over polluted area with the help of helium filled outer shell.It absorbs the polluted air through absorbing turbines.The absorbed air mass is treated with chemical solutions such as potassium hydroxide, activated carbon,calcium hydroxide.After treatment,the purified air is transfered to purified air storages.The purified air releases through sprayers until the air quality becomes moderate.So the hazardous polluted air of the city becomes purified.

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Air pollution is a leading environmental threat to the health of urban populations in major cities. Breathing in ozone and PM2.5 can trigger asthma, chronic lung and heart diseases and even lead to death. The life quality depends on the air quality individuals breathing. In order to enchance the life quality of residents, the air quaility has to be improved. OXY2050 has been designed with that purpose.

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