Space Habitat Constellation

‘Peripeteia’ Space Habitat Constellation 2100, a fascinating Diploma Project for space colonization.

Peripeteia, Space Habitat Constellation, meaning adventure in Greek, formed the basis for Luis Daniel Pozo’s diploma project at the University of Applied Arts Vienna.

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One of the many components of PERIPETIA is the SHC a prototype for space colonization. The concept behind is to integrate two types of environments one static and other dynamic, into one habitable modular system which can host 3000 persons consisting of Crew, Scientist and Tourist, for indefinite periods of time.

The first type of spaces try to tackle the main problem of habiting in the space which is the lack of Gravity, this has many healthy implications of astronauts even after they came back from earth. The idea was to generate artificial gravity environments by using the centripetal force. This means that the force of gravity would be constrain by the tours shapes of a body rotating at constant speed, and as near as body gets to the centre as less as it weights, so the space has the same transition and becomes more fluid and deformed getting closer to the centre of rotation. In these areas is where education and Science and research facilities are located.

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