Plasma RocketNASA

NASA’s Plasma Rocket, a propulsion system that uses nuclear power to create plasma bursts, would get us to Mars in 2 months.

The Pulsed Plasma Rocket (PPR) by Howe Industries in Scottsdale, Arizona, is a new kind of engine for space travel.

Instead of burning fuel like traditional rockets, it uses bursts of super-hot plasma made from fission to push spacecraft forward.

Plasma RocketHowe Industries

This means faster trips to places like Mars or beyond. The project led by Brianna Clements, aims to make space travel more efficient and accessible.

The PPR could provide up to 100,000 Newtons of thrust and has a specific impulse (Isp) of 5,000 seconds, making it powerful and cost-effective.

Plasma RocketHowe Industries

source NASA