Poppi- the Airline of the Future

Teague concept airline Poppi, sees for the not-so-distant future, a faster boarding time to your seat, no big carry-on bags and more.

Teague concept airline Poppi 777 would feature overheard small space that only hold personal items, computer bags and jackets, membership points for an upgrade to cinema class, special incentives for getting stuck in the middle.

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The biggest enemy of today’s airlines isn’t cutthroat competition or complex regulatory processes—it’s the status quo. Conventional thinking about the way we structure and operate our businesses leaves us vulnerable to the innovations of others. This is how Uber upended the taxicab industry, and how Airbnb is challenging hoteliers. Yes, barriers to entry in the airline industry are high. But the industry’s current trajectory of taking more—and giving less—to increasingly dissatisfied passengers is a perfect set-up for disruptive innovations.

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Devin Liddell, Teague’s principal brand strategist, explains:

“We wanted to create a means for the airline industry to preview innovations that passengers will love and that will help airlines become more profitable. In hopes that they’ll adopt some of the ideas now instead of when it’s too late.

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On Poppi there would be no big carry-on bags. Instead, everyone’s luggage would be tagged with a radio-frequency identification (RFID) tag. that lets them know exactly where their bag is. That would sidestep the nightmare that takes place on the cabin when people try to cram their bags into the overhead bins and would make exiting the plane go much faster.”

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