Prodrive x Callum Racing Simulator

Prodrive’s new racing simulator shaped by Callum, designed not only to offer a first-class simulator experience, but also to be an impressive piece of home furniture.

The sculpted carbon monocoque housing the driver’s seat, the screen, steering wheel, and pedal box appear to float beneath a striking canopy of 16 layers of birch are encased in an elegant lacquered gloss black finish.

Prodrive x Callum Racing Simulator (3)

Not only is this beautiful to look at from the outside but wraps over the driver to give such an immersive experience that it feels like being in the cockpit of a race car.

Prodrive x Callum Racing Simulator (2)

“I wanted to create something that people would almost buy just to have the object itself,” says Callum.

Prodrive x Callum Racing Simulator (4)

Richards, who was effectively the lead client for the project, said:

“It’s a partnership of technology and design here, with us responsible for the technology side and Ian’s team responsible for the styling and design. I think it’s just a like a modern sculpture and anyone who sees it stops in their tracks.”

source Prodrive