Ram accelerator system for drilling

A new revolutionized method of drilling for geothermal energy, uses projectiles accelerated by combustion.

A head-on view of the projectile, that will be used to bore into the Earth’s crust.   Credit Hyperscience

Shell is backing with $1 million HyperSciences, to develop a patented new type of ram accelerator for geothermal energy.

The system consisting of a ‘gun’ that will fire projectiles into ground at 4,500mph (2 km/s), to ‘open’ holes, solving part of the energy problem.

HyperSciences claims the technique is ten times faster than traditional drilling.

One or more ram accelerator devices may be used to form one or more holes in geologic or other material. These holes may be used for drilling, tunnel boring, excavation, and so forth. The ram accelerator devices propel projectiles which are accelerated by combustion of one or more combustible gasses in a ram effect to reach velocities exceeding 500 meters per second.

HyperSciences Ram accelerator system

A diagram by Mark Russell’s new drilling system.   Credit US Patent Office.

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