Record breaking 19m wave measured by a buoy 1

Record-breaking 19m wave measured by a buoy, detected from the World Meteorological Organization.

According to the World Meteorological Organization, a 19-meter (62.3 ft), 6 stories tall wave sets new world record measured by a buoy, in the North Atlantic.

The wave was recorded by an automated buoy at 0600 UTC on 4 February 2013 (?) in the North Atlantic ocean between Iceland and the United Kingdom (approximately 59° N, 11° W). It followed the passage of a very strong cold front, which produced winds of up to 43.8 knots (50.4 miles per hour) over the area.

WMO Assistant Secretary-General Wenjian Zhang, said:

“This is the first time we have ever measured a wave of 19 meters. It is a remarkable record. It highlights the importance of meteorological and ocean observations and forecasts to ensure the safety of the global maritime industry and to protect the lives of crew and passengers on busy shipping lanes.

We need high quality and extensive ocean records to help in our understanding of weather/ocean interactions. Despite the huge strides in satellite technology, the sustained observations and data records from moored and drifting buoys and ships still play a major role in this respect.”

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source World Meteorological Organization