Regent to debut its Hydrofoiling Seagliders in Hawai'iCredit Regent

Hawai’i might soon see Regent’s innovative hydrofoiling Seagliders, pending some bureaucratic hurdles.

The Viceroy, Regent’s flagship seaglider, is a 12-passenger watercraft that smoothly glides over the sea using three modes: hull, hydrofoil, and ground-effect flight.

With a range of 160 nautical miles (upgradable to over 400), these electric vehicles are set to launch in 2025, with human flight trials starting this year.

Regent’s Seaglider is an innovative electric vehicle designed for water travel, offering a trio of operational modes—floating, foiling, and flying. It is the first of its kind and is on track to revolutionize maritime transportation by seamlessly transitioning between these modes.

Regent Hydrofoiling SeaglidersCredit Regent

Regent Hydrofoiling SeagliderCredit Regent

source Regent