Renewable Energy 'on track' to meet Net Zero by 2050

Renewable Energy is ‘on track’ to meet Net Zero by 2050, and “in line with ambitious net-zero scenarios.”

In partnership with the Bezos Earth Fund, Global Optimism, and Systems Change Lab, RMI is presenting the first in a series of reports analyzing the exponential growth of renewable energy technologies globally.

Renewable Energy 'on track' to meet Net Zero by 2050
Credit, Energy Institute, RMI forward

The report, published by the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) titled X-Change: Electricity – On track for Net Zero, claims ‘the fossil fuel era is over.’

Solar, wind, and batteries have been following a typical path for new technology. Learning curves lead to falling prices lead to rapid growth in new capacity, which leads to change in the generation mix on an S-curve.

New solar and battery capacity, policy targets, the momentum of change, and the logic of S-curves all point to continued exponential growth in solar and wind generation for the rest of this decade at 15%–20% a year.

Learn more about this report and complementary research by viewing the press release here.