Revv 1 E-Bike

Revv 1 is a bold electric bike perfect for commuting, joy-riding, or exploring.

The Revv 1  rugged custom e-bike is made for thrill rides no matter the use case.

Revv 1 E-Bike (5)

Speed: 20+ mph on throttle and pedal assist. Additional class modes and speeds.

Powerful 750w sustained geared hub motor with 95nm torque.

Range: 30-60 miles depending on battery, rider weight, terrain, incline, level of assist, etc.

Revv 1 E-Bike (4)

The Revv 1 ships pre-programmed as a Class 2 (pedelec) e-bike which enables speeds of up to 20 mph on pedal assist and throttle.

Revv 1 E-Bike (3)

The multi-class speed system gives riders the ability to configure the settings and switch between Class 2, Class 3, and ‘Off-Road’ mode which unlocks speeds of 28+ mph for private road use only.

Revv 1 E-Bike (2)

Revv 1 E-Bike (1)

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