Muskoxen in Wrangel Island

Wrangel Island is a haven for wildlife, frozen in space and time.

Muskoxen—more akin to goats and sheep than to oxen—were introduced to Wrangel Island in 1975 and now number about 800. Increasingly, they cluster in tight groups to fend off a newly returned predator: wolves.    Image © Sergey Gorshkov/National Geographic

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Russian Refuge- fox drives a snow goose from her nestImage © Sergey Gorshkov/National Geographic

A feisty fox drives a snow goose from her nest, a gambit before an act of egg thievery. A colony of geese migrates to the island in May after wintering in North America.

Russian Refuge- Large haul-outs of Pacific walrusesImage © Sergey Gorshkov/National Geographic

Wrangel’s sprawling gravel spits are home to large haul-outs of Pacific walruses, especially since climate change has made their preferred habitat—the ice pack—ever more tenuous. A healthy adult like this big female usually holds its own in a fight with a polar bear.

National Geo MayImage © National Geographic

The images are from the May issue of National Geographic magazine.

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