Saildrone is a wind and solar powered autonomous boat, collecting live data anywhere in the Ocean.

Saildrones can travel autonomously, revolutionizing the way scientists collect data from any part of the ocean.

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By augmenting traditional ships with a fleet of Saildrones, you can cost-effectively and autonomously gather data over large ocean areas in any conditions. Launched and retrieved from a dock, the Saildrone fleet navigates to its destination using wind power alone, transiting at 3-5 kts. Each drone can then hold station or perform survey patterns best suited for the specific research mission.

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Every Saildrone carries a comprehensive suite of science-grade instruments, each carefully selected in association with PMEL / NOAA. The sensors were chosen to cover a wide variety of science mission, focussing on air / sea interactions, surface fluxes, carbon measurements and bio-mass studies.

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