Self-Adapting Footwear

PUMA and MIT Design Lab present latest research in the field of biodesign.

A breathing sports shoe, that grows its own air passageways to enable personalized ventilation? A learning insole that prevents fatigue and improves athletes’ performance? A t-shirt that responds to environmental factors by changing its appearance to inform the wearer about the air quality?

PUMA Self-Adapting Footwear

What sounds like future visions are actually research results by Sports company PUMA and the MIT Design Lab that will be showcased at the Milan Design Week 2018 in April. PUMA and MIT Design Lab have been conducting research in the field of biodesign since June 2017. Biodesign is the practice of using living materials such as algae or bacteria to create products. It makes possible a football jersey made from the silk of a spider or a shoe box grown from mycelium, the root structure of mushrooms.

Scientists created Self-Adapting Footwear

source MIT Design Lab