Sculptural Hall in China (7)

Zhanghua Architects created this sculptural hall in China, inspired by mountain and flowing water, by ‘yin and yang.’

Zhanghua Architects explained about their project:

“From the cultural point view of, in Chinese landscape culture, a mountain and a stream are not opposite but a harmony worldview. Mountain and flowing water like ‘yin’ and ‘yang’ are the performance of all things. Two sides is a unity of opposites and can transform into each other between the two. The heavy part is earth, while the light part is heaven. Such thought is not only an literal ideal of the intellectuals, a comprehension ancient people feel about nature, but also a phenomenon we can observe in nature.”

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“In Karst Landform, the stone surface pattern under the impact of fast-flowing water will have manifold changes. This is a special texture of stone water lines in the impact of years of water erosion, which I call the solidification of water. On other side, high temperatures will change stone into liquid form too. This special liquid under high temperature at the sudden change in temperature will also show the characteristics of the water, still filled with a sense of movement. The various changes described above belong to the topological fractal transformation or change in the geometry.”

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